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eServices Office
"With zero experience creating websites on my own (or using a content management system), I was able to convert my site to this new system. Now, I can update, add, or delete pages on my website whenever I want. I am extremely happy with Ursus and the support I received from the Department of Technology Services."
  - Stacey Walker
    Office of eServices

Welcome to URSUS

Looking for a more simplified way to publish content to your web site? The Office of Technology Services (OTech) URSUS, a Content Management System (CMS), is the solution for you. URSUS enables anyone to update web pages in minutes, enforces compliance and State template standards, and provides a scalable platform for managing web site content and assets.

URSUS Key Benefits:

  • Lower web site maintenance cost

    The immediate benefit is financial. Updating your own web site, rather than paying a web site designer to make changes on your behalf, will save you money.
  • Timely Content

    URSUS enables you to make immediate changes to your web site, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Greater Flexibility

    Once content is added to URSUS, it can be used in a number of places on your web site.
  • Easy to Use

    URSUS makes it easier for users to create, edit and publish content on a web site. URSUS removes the need for you to understand the technicalities of creating web pages, while still enabling you to add rich content to your web site. By hiding this complexity, URSUS allows non-technical editors to easily and quickly publish their content.

What’s New:

  • Admin Panel

    • Options to Unpublish for all editors
    • Managing Editor – View Master Page Details, Master Page List, Edit Navigation Panels and Site Settings
  • Page List

    • Site list is expanded by default
    • Ordered by page name, alphabetically, ascending
    • Ability to Edit, Publish and Unpublish an internal page
  • Site Settings (Managing Editor only)

    • Add Google Site Search (GSS) ID
  • Add Master Page (Managing Editor only)

    • Create a new master page defining the Master Page Details (Page Name, Template, Navigation Style, Color Scheme, and Columns assigned).
  • Add Content Page

    • Ability to add a Master template to a new page, and override settings.
  • Adoption of the award-winning 2010 California State template in its five color schemes, including the new

    • 2010 Panels Interface for all Editors
    • 2010 Styles
    • 2010 Code Snippets

Tutorials are also available for download under the Resources tab.

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